The Culture of Apologizing I Want to Get Away From

I thought about the way I let my anxiety and grief for the life I am living fuel a previous blog post. I thought about issuing an apology instead of letting myself feel and accept my feelings in that moment. That is what I felt. That’s why I wrote what I did. I am notContinue reading “The Culture of Apologizing I Want to Get Away From”

Stronger Together| Tous Ensemble

I don’t know about you but this was an amazing weekend. For many reasons, one of which was it was our first time taking our baby outside for a walk.  (We went the overanxious route since there’s pre-existing conditions for grandma, but when there’s nice weather we go out behind the building).  We also watched StrongerContinue reading “Stronger Together| Tous Ensemble”

How Covid-19 showed me I’m the World’s Worst Mother

E​veryone has their doubts, their internal demons and what they secretly tell themselves they are bad at, whether or not the world agrees. It usually takes serious intervention in order to keep these “downer demons” at bay, but when you have nothing to do except think during quarantine– they can definitely rear their ugly heads. Continue reading “How Covid-19 showed me I’m the World’s Worst Mother”

Rethinking 2020 Resolutions

S​ince Covid-19 has upended the world and we’re about to start a new quarter and maybe even a new way of life even in the temporary, I wanted to take a look at what I had planned for this year and how different it may look for the rest of the year.  W​e had plansContinue reading “Rethinking 2020 Resolutions”

Yours and Mine Story

W​hen I found out I was pregnant I cried. Not the tears of joy the movies always portray, but pure terror and fear. Hot, wrenching from your soul tears that burned my face as they streamed down. I was so afraid that my life was going to change, for the worse not the better, andContinue reading “Yours and Mine Story”

The New Covid-19 Workplace

Are We Ready For The New Post COVID-19 Workplace? A​ small child sitting on the floor playing with blocks, another nestled into his mom’s arms all the while she’s trying to juggle video conferencing and keeping her child calm. Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way most of us work, whether we are doing it from home, carefully findingContinue reading “The New Covid-19 Workplace”

5 Ways to Stay Calm Amid Worldwide COVID-19 Panic

S​o, we’re living in interesting times I gather. If you’ve been living under a rock you may not get that joke but for the rest of us, I hope you pretend anyway. On Friday, schools across Montreal were closed, public events canceled and gatherings of 250 or more people were discouraged. There were people panicContinue reading “5 Ways to Stay Calm Amid Worldwide COVID-19 Panic”

Here We Go…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. It’s a journey that we take when we choose a life partner, a choice we make when we choose to have a family. It’s not often an easy choice or one that one should take lightly but we have been fortunate to be able toContinue reading “Here We Go…”

Now Introducing…

When I was 25, I made the rash decision to go to China for work. I had graduated university during the worst recession of my lifetime, with little prospects professionally I got what job I could. I​t was by far the least amount of time I had spent deciding to uproot my life, but notContinue reading “Now Introducing…”