Letter to my Daughter: You are a Light in the World.

You are a Light in the World I love that you wake up singing. That even before you knew the words, you knew the song in your heart and you wanted to hear the joy. You wanted to share the joy that lived in you. You are a light, my child. A beacon in theContinue reading “Letter to my Daughter: You are a Light in the World.”

A Letter to my Daughter, When the World Seems so Scary

Jan 6, 2021 Yesterday, we watched all day long as what was supposed to be a very.boring government business day turned into something of a nightmare. I couldn’t look away and neither could the world, as rioters from a pro-Trump protest pushed police out of the way and overran Capitol Hill and let themselves inContinue reading “A Letter to my Daughter, When the World Seems so Scary”

Timeless Words for Them

If you didn’t see these beautiful letters roaming on Veteran’s Day, I’m sending you there now. A World War II Veteran’s Timeless Words for his Son There is something that happens when you have a child and the world is crumbling around you. As a single person, your world is your own. You take leapsContinue reading “Timeless Words for Them”

Letters to my daughter

An attempt at Spoken Word, as I lie in wait pondering this world and all its complications. September Lullaby Whomever you are. Be you. The world is heartless. Unkind. Guard your heart, never let them take your glory. You are strong, vulnerable, courageous. They don’t know your full story. We could not be blind, ToContinue reading “Letters to my daughter”

How Can I Explain 2020 to You?

Letters to my Daughter .3 The Love That Transcends This Home is Greater Than The Hate Outside of It. Your Mother I didn’t know my purpose I had no idea what I was searching for in life. I was afraid of taking action because I was afraid of the judgement and the pushback for beingContinue reading “How Can I Explain 2020 to You?”

Do As I Say, And As I Do

or Raising Kids That Are Socially Aware From birth to adulthood, parents the world over want to create better for their children. Sometimes it seems more difficult than we think. Sometimes what we feel is best for them, we find they may disagree with later. We are currently living through moments of civil unrest andContinue reading “Do As I Say, And As I Do”

We Need More Diverse Books!

Books Books Books Everywhere Whether you love the feel of paper in your hands or the convenience of an e-reader, we are all reading more these days. Out of boredom or because we’ve hit the bottom of streaming services, we’re reaching out for more content. What better way than the story, conjuring our imagination andContinue reading “We Need More Diverse Books!”


You are taller today. Taller than you were yesterday but I can still see the dimples of infancy from certain angles.  Every day you amaze me. Amaze me in how you think, how you see the world.  You are learning to argue your point without intelligible words, for you have very little. But that doesContinue reading “Dimples”

Yours and Mine Story

W​hen I found out I was pregnant I cried. Not the tears of joy the movies always portray, but pure terror and fear. Hot, wrenching from your soul tears that burned my face as they streamed down. I was so afraid that my life was going to change, for the worse not the better, andContinue reading “Yours and Mine Story”

International Women’s Day 2020

The Present is Female I​f not for me, then for her. If not now, then when? That’s what flows through my mind as you struggle to fall asleep for your daily nap. I wonder what your future will look like… will you struggle because of your gender? Or will we finallyunderstand that without women’s contributions we are notContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2020”