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When I was 25, I made the rash decision to go to China for work. I had graduated university during the worst recession of my lifetime, with little prospects professionally I got what job I could.

I​t was by far the least amount of time I had spent deciding to uproot my life, but not the first time. From job offer, to quitting my job, and moving to China I spent about a month. I know, impulsive to say the least, but it would be change the trajectory of my life forever. 

I​ met myself, my boyfriend- then husband, and confirmed my love of learning and teaching. 

Masaaki Komoro- Unsplash

W​e started on this journey of sharing each other’s cultures and each other’s lives six years ago, and we continue to learn every day. We came from different parts of the world, met and fell in love and now live in another country. Life is not always easy, sometimes it can be hard but through love I believe all is possible. 

Why do this?

  • T​he world has become such a divisive place where neighbors, friends, and family can be in the same room let alone hold conversations of kindness.
  • I​n our family we represent different cultures, different beliefs, and different ways of living life, yet we have found a way to come together and love. 
  • M​y husband is Chinese and speaks Mandarin (the most spoken language in the world), I am Dominican-American and my native language is Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world) and we both speak English. Our daughter has the blessing to have two strong cultural backgrounds from which to speak to the whole world with.
  • I​ want our daughter to know how much love there can be in the world and how despite our differences hope exists in the world. 

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They make us or break us, and they are the best parts of us. If you find one you can love being in, hold on to that…

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“To thyne own self be true”, we’ve been trying for a really long time to figure it out, yet have we?

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“The best things in life are free”, I hope whoever said that was a parent and can they please help!

  • All those searching for inter-marriage couples, questions and guidance…please help!

We live in a world where we are constantly told what to do, with whom, and for what? So that we can become unoriginal copies of others? Maybe, but I also think it’s important to really know thyself and as best as you can be true to whomever that may be.

I hope that this helps us through this year. We’ve struggled, we’ve fought and we’ve been unkind but there is no one that I would rather go through life with than those I love.

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Obsessed with Intentional Inclusivity and Fierce Belonging. Delivering Culture-Driven Leaders.

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