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I don’t know about you but this was an amazing weekend. For many reasons, one of which was it was our first time taking our baby outside for a walk. 

She’s ready for it!

(We went the overanxious route since there’s pre-existing conditions for grandma, but when there’s nice weather we go out behind the building). 

We also watched Stronger Together, the Canadian musical concert raising funds for Food Bank Canada. Not only was it for a good cause but some of Canada’s biggest artists participated, like really from all over, wherever they may be. It was a great way to know who’s Canadian in the world of entertainment, for us that didn’t already know. It was really good. 

With the last world concert One World Together at Home, while I’m a big fan of late night they had 1/3 of my favorite hosts, but in it they had both great performances with great music and celebrity endorsements just like this one. 

There were moments of heart-wrenching stories that brought tears to my eyes. Any time any one mentions thanking first responders I get a lump in my throat. 

And although the focus was thanking essential personnel, it was good that all were included. From sanitation workers to grocery store clerks to doctors and nurses that were sometimes the last faces loved ones saw before they succumbed to the illness. There were great reasons for it:

  1. It raised nearly 6 million dollars 
  2. It showcased Canadian talent, like most of us have never seen them before (literally, haircuts anyone?)
  3. It brought to light an interesting discussion in my house about corruption

My husband grew up in a world where corruption was as blatant as the sky above. Whether through the sharing of oral stories or the outlandish brandishing of information in the now digital age, China has a reputation. One that doesn’t necessarily create the illusion of transparency and let’s not pretend that the US is really all that different, especially now. 

But having grown up with so much distrust creates an individual that is wary of anyone and any organization claiming to do good in the world for goods’ sake. The idea of altruism for him is a farce. And while I don’t hold the same cynical point of view I do understand the need to express caution. 

The misinformation running rampant through our society is a sign of greater darkness within. Where a false or misunderstood sentiment could be construed not only as malicious but downright negligent i.e. President Trump’s briefings come to mind, and there is very little we can do about it. Or is there? As soon as one post or video is taken down another one takes its place with a different algorithm to hide its seedy truth, like the hydra of myth one head taken down produces two more.

According to CBC News, “Ninety per cent of Canadians say they have fallen for fake news online…”  

Journolink says, “45% of adults in the UK believe they encounter fake news every single day…. states, “nearly seven-in-ten U.S. adults (68%) say made-up news and information greatly impacts Americans’ confidence in government institutions, and roughly half (54%) say it is having a major impact on our confidence in each other.”

The impact, however, is less that it exists or that we can unknowingly perpetuate it. The greatest risk is that it takes away from a person’s ability to trust information, and that is the biggest effect of so-called fake news.

But let’s hope that we are all trying to make the world a bit better and safer for all those around us, there is still hope for intention, no matter how many hellish paths it may pave. It’s no longer an individualized society we are dealing with, we are beyond global for that.

My biggest concern is where do we go from here? 

Any suggestions?

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