Rethinking 2020 Resolutions

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S​ince Covid-19 has upended the world and we’re about to start a new quarter and maybe even a new way of life even in the temporary, I wanted to take a look at what I had planned for this year and how different it may look for the rest of the year. 

W​e had plans to discover more of our new home and venture throughout Quebec, obviously this is now on hold. We wanted to go to a new place each year. After our daughter was born, we talked about how we wanted to introduce the world to her. Each year traveling to a new destination that we could learn about as a family. 

2020 Goal Inspirations


This is always on everyone’s resolutions list: Travel more. Last year, we kind of cheated by moving to another country so it was traveling by default and all of the acclimation needed in the process. Although Canada may not appear so unique to the US, Quebec is a different beast altogether. Being the last french frontier, Quebec has bilingualism built in which can be great but still needs a high level of adjustment. When given the option in high school between French, German, Japanese and Latin- I took the one class that I knew I would need in the future: Latin! 🙂

So I even took a french course last fall and am hoping to continue this year. I’m still looking forward to visiting sites throughout the city and province and eventually re-discover all the beauties Canada has to offer.

Canada: A Country of So Much Natural Beauty

Priorities in 2020

I​n January, I read a book called, The Year of Less

by Cait Flanders.

It was touted as a memoir on minimalistic behavior changes in order to improve life. While it was more memoir than minimilastic guide, it was still an interesting read and one could still learn some things from it. 

S​ome of my takeaways:

Y​ou don’t know how many toiletries you have until you go through them. All those half-empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner or lotion just seem to have kept piling up. I went through and cleaned out what was out of date and whatever was still good I put on the dresser intending not to buy anything new (I have a problem throwing things away that might have the possibility of being useful. I know I have the makings of a hoarder)

T​he best thing I did do was clean out half my wardrobe, I had been living on half a wardrobe since January (now it’s kind of irrelevant- mostly sweats these days) but while you’ve got the time it might be soothing of sorts. Just think about all the things you have and all the places you could wear them to, realistically, otherwise you might end up with just sweats and pjs. And always remember if you haven’t worn something in at least two seasons you’re probably not going to wear it again (even if it’s for your fat and skinny collection).

I​t was interesting to read how she navigated through her addiction problems and was able to whittle her debt down over the course of two years. Definitely something I was trying to tackle, debt management and saving money. This is like going back through my middle school journals and seeing what I was worried about then, that’s how long we’ve been in quarantine!

Positive Outlooks

I was able to accomplish include launching of this blog and my copywriting website which I had been toying with for a while but it seems working from home is now everyone’s forte. Not as easy as we all thought right?

O​ne of the things I’m still working on and will probably continue to work on is my health and weight loss since going to the gym is not an option, although cooking all our meals exclusively at home has helped dramatically. 

Here’s to a positive outlook and reworking through some of our hopes and dreams from the new year to the new quarter and hoping that we remain safe and healthy amid these trying times. And hey maybe we’ll become expert do-it-yourselfers and realize we can have more fun at home any day.

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