Letter to my Daughter: You are a Light in the World.

You are a Light in the World I love that you wake up singing. That even before you knew the words, you knew the song in your heart and you wanted to hear the joy. You wanted to share the joy that lived in you. You are a light, my child. A beacon in theContinue reading “Letter to my Daughter: You are a Light in the World.”

A Letter to my Daughter, When the World Seems so Scary

Jan 6, 2021 Yesterday, we watched all day long as what was supposed to be a very.boring government business day turned into something of a nightmare. I couldn’t look away and neither could the world, as rioters from a pro-Trump protest pushed police out of the way and overran Capitol Hill and let themselves inContinue reading “A Letter to my Daughter, When the World Seems so Scary”

The Perils of Being Ethnically Ambiguous

It is no small thing to appear to belong to one ethnicity or another, it can often be confusing, complicated and even traumatic because for those of mixed heritage, you never seem to fit into the mold of what you’re ethnicity is. In my case, “You’re too brown for some people and not brown enoughContinue reading “The Perils of Being Ethnically Ambiguous”

Introspection is the Word of the Month

And other thoughts… I’m a huge fan of late night, the snarky commentary, the bite-sized news, and of course the guests (it’s the best way to keep up with pop culture without doing the heavy lifting). This week or last, not really sure anymore on an episode of A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, heContinue reading “Introspection is the Word of the Month”

The Culture of Apologizing I Want to Get Away From

I thought about the way I let my anxiety and grief for the life I am living fuel a previous blog post. I thought about issuing an apology instead of letting myself feel and accept my feelings in that moment. That is what I felt. That’s why I wrote what I did. I am notContinue reading “The Culture of Apologizing I Want to Get Away From”

Rethinking 2020 Resolutions

S​ince Covid-19 has upended the world and we’re about to start a new quarter and maybe even a new way of life even in the temporary, I wanted to take a look at what I had planned for this year and how different it may look for the rest of the year.  W​e had plansContinue reading “Rethinking 2020 Resolutions”