The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t 2020 edition

This holiday like everyone else’s was a little different than normal. I’ve done a FaceTime Christmas before when I was living in China, where I watched as family and friends enjoyed Dominican faire and music. It was pre-covid but I guess I was a little prepared to watch others’ festivities like I was watching aContinue reading “The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t 2020 edition”

Letters to my daughter

An attempt at Spoken Word, as I lie in wait pondering this world and all its complications. September Lullaby Whomever you are. Be you. The world is heartless. Unkind. Guard your heart, never let them take your glory. You are strong, vulnerable, courageous. They don’t know your full story. We could not be blind, ToContinue reading “Letters to my daughter”

The Perils of Being Ethnically Ambiguous

It is no small thing to appear to belong to one ethnicity or another, it can often be confusing, complicated and even traumatic because for those of mixed heritage, you never seem to fit into the mold of what you’re ethnicity is. In my case, “You’re too brown for some people and not brown enoughContinue reading “The Perils of Being Ethnically Ambiguous”

10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Saved My Sanity During Covid

Frozen 2 came out last year November 2019, months before the now ever-present Covid-19 pandemic. While we resisted getting Disney+ for a while (mostly for my sake than my daughter’s), we finally gave in around month 2 of the lockdown. Although we were doing fine with Super Simple Songs and Peppa’s Channel on Youtube, itContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Saved My Sanity During Covid”

10 Performances from the Global Goal Unite for Our Future Concert that Resonated their Message

Anti-Oppression and Healthcare Inequality hosted by Dwayne Johnson The Contribution was Unparalleled If you weren’t online or skipped social media this weekend, you missed an opportunity to watch a concert that spoke to our hearts. While the event like others was to raise funds, this was no stay at home concert. In fact a lotContinue reading “10 Performances from the Global Goal Unite for Our Future Concert that Resonated their Message”

How Can I Explain 2020 to You?

Letters to my Daughter .3 The Love That Transcends This Home is Greater Than The Hate Outside of It. Your Mother I didn’t know my purpose I had no idea what I was searching for in life. I was afraid of taking action because I was afraid of the judgement and the pushback for beingContinue reading “How Can I Explain 2020 to You?”

Do As I Say, And As I Do

or Raising Kids That Are Socially Aware From birth to adulthood, parents the world over want to create better for their children. Sometimes it seems more difficult than we think. Sometimes what we feel is best for them, we find they may disagree with later. We are currently living through moments of civil unrest andContinue reading “Do As I Say, And As I Do”

When Your Heart Breaks

When it’s not enough Sometimes things happen in life that make you pause. Make you wonder at the existence of it all, and where we stand as a people or as individuals. I cannot begin to understand the perspective of those on the line, risking their health to fight for what they believe in andContinue reading “When Your Heart Breaks”

We Need More Diverse Books!

Books Books Books Everywhere Whether you love the feel of paper in your hands or the convenience of an e-reader, we are all reading more these days. Out of boredom or because we’ve hit the bottom of streaming services, we’re reaching out for more content. What better way than the story, conjuring our imagination andContinue reading “We Need More Diverse Books!”

Introspection is the Word of the Month

And other thoughts… I’m a huge fan of late night, the snarky commentary, the bite-sized news, and of course the guests (it’s the best way to keep up with pop culture without doing the heavy lifting). This week or last, not really sure anymore on an episode of A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, heContinue reading “Introspection is the Word of the Month”