Why Stories Matter: Encanto

If you don’t know of this beautiful movie, it premiered today on Disney plus and it was so amazing my eyes are still damp. The story centers on a magical Columbian family that flees from persecution and through a miracle, they are given a magical home, known as their Encanto. The children also receive magicalContinue reading “Why Stories Matter: Encanto”

10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Saved My Sanity During Covid

Frozen 2 came out last year November 2019, months before the now ever-present Covid-19 pandemic. While we resisted getting Disney+ for a while (mostly for my sake than my daughter’s), we finally gave in around month 2 of the lockdown. Although we were doing fine with Super Simple Songs and Peppa’s Channel on Youtube, itContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Frozen 2 Saved My Sanity During Covid”