Letters to my daughter

An attempt at Spoken Word, as I lie in wait pondering this world and all its complications.

September Lullaby

Whomever you are. Be you.

The world is heartless. Unkind.

Guard your heart, never let them take your glory.

You are strong, vulnerable, courageous.

They don’t know your full story.

We could not be blind,

To the ups and downs of having a torrential kind of mind.

You scream and you slash,

Say words no one understands.

That’s ok let it out,

It’s like a walk through the badlands.

No one will judge the need

The need to scream

We’ve all been there.

Sat in our chairs

Explosive thoughts in our prayers

And wondering if it’s just us or are there others like us.

Be true to you, spout what you believe

Don’t let the world change you or who you wish to truly be.

Like they did me.

*For those with children, how do you deal with the constant worry the world will be a harder place than you ever imagined it could be? Or is it just me?

Published by JSantana

Obsessed with Intentional Inclusivity and Fierce Belonging. Delivering Culture-Driven Leaders.

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