International Women’s Day 2020

The Present is Female

I​f not for me, then for her. If not now, then when? That’s what flows through my mind as you struggle to fall asleep for your daily nap. I wonder what your future will look like… will you struggle because of your gender? Or will we finallyunderstand that without women’s contributions we are not living the full human experience? If we are not half the sky or equal members of society then what are we? 

Y​ou are living in a time so blessed, where your fore mothers walked for you so you didn’t have to, where they fought for voice so you could have one. What they didn’t realize was that it wasn’t enough. They were given considerations and platitudes but not given the full protection of the law. Even now, the full proposed equal rights amendment has yet to be passed – in 2020! 

B​ut I just read the rules of Quebec immigration today and it gave me hope. You are required to acknowledge and agree to be in compliant with the first rule being men and women are equal in society. Thank you, Canada! There is hope yet, but what about the place where you spent your first waking moments- the place I still call home, where the division, anger and hatred is palpable?

W​hy is it so difficult for people to say yes to equality in all forms? Essentially being equal and actually being equal is not the same thing. I will fight for your rights as long as they don’t infringe upon mine, is that the motto? I’m not sure, but as you finally rest and dream of whatever babies dream of, I hope you awaken to infinitely better tomorrows. You and every girl deserve them.

I​ also marched for you, so you didn’t have to. And wouldn’t it be great, if we could finally stop marching?

me pregnant with your two loving aunts

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