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Letters for my Daughter

I always thought I would have children, but I always assumed I had to have everything prepared. Life had to be just right. It was meant to go according to plan.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Yiddish proverb

So I made a decision when I was young that I needed to live life for myself in my 20s and I did. I traveled, I worked in China and I achieved a lot but there is always more. And there will always be more.

But since having our daughter, I have learned a new respect for life. A new understanding of learning and seeing the world through a child’s eyes. She has taught me that children are a part of our lives that make them unique in a wonderful way, most of the time. I’m still a realist at heart :).

So this is me writing to her

because of her, for her

Letters to My Daughter

May 2020

Dimples for when I realize your baby dimples will soon leave you.

June 2020

How to Explain 2020 to You and other thoughts… *shake head solemnly* 2020 so far is unreal…

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