Do As I Say, And As I Do

or Raising Kids That Are Socially Aware From birth to adulthood, parents the world over want to create better for their children. Sometimes it seems more difficult than we think. Sometimes what we feel is best for them, we find they may disagree with later. We are currently living through moments of civil unrest andContinue reading “Do As I Say, And As I Do”


You are taller today. Taller than you were yesterday but I can still see the dimples of infancy from certain angles.  Every day you amaze me. Amaze me in how you think, how you see the world.  You are learning to argue your point without intelligible words, for you have very little. But that doesContinue reading “Dimples”

How Covid-19 showed me I’m the World’s Worst Mother

E​veryone has their doubts, their internal demons and what they secretly tell themselves they are bad at, whether or not the world agrees. It usually takes serious intervention in order to keep these “downer demons” at bay, but when you have nothing to do except think during quarantine– they can definitely rear their ugly heads. Continue reading “How Covid-19 showed me I’m the World’s Worst Mother”

Here We Go…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. It’s a journey that we take when we choose a life partner, a choice we make when we choose to have a family. It’s not often an easy choice or one that one should take lightly but we have been fortunate to be able toContinue reading “Here We Go…”

Now Introducing…

When I was 25, I made the rash decision to go to China for work. I had graduated university during the worst recession of my lifetime, with little prospects professionally I got what job I could. I​t was by far the least amount of time I had spent deciding to uproot my life, but notContinue reading “Now Introducing…”